Benefits of a Third-Party Administrator

Health benefits are continuing to be important and a big deal in the employment world.  According to a 2020 survey by HR consultancy, Willis Towers Watson, 37% of employees would rather receive more substantial benefits than additional salaries or bonuses.  So, it is also more important than ever to utilize a third-party administrator (TPA) that you know and trust to manage these health benefit plans and keep it in compliance.  But how would a business’ benefits plan benefit from using a TPA?

A third-party administrator (TPA) is a professional organization that manages employee group health and welfare benefit plans on behalf of an employer. 

BASE®, an industry leader in offering and maintaining a variety of employee benefit plans, can help attract and retain valuable employees while keeping the employers’ cost of health care affordable and in compliance with federal and state regulations. 

Benefits of utilizing a TPA, like BASE®, for employee benefits:

Custom Health Benefits Plan. 

No business is structured the same, so why should every business have the same cookie cutter employee benefit package? 

BASE® will customize plan designs to fit the way a business is structured and benefit both the employer and employee, maximizing health care savings.  Not only does BASE® offer a variety of money saving health care benefits and provide employers with compliance solutions. 

Claims Reimbursement Made Easy. 

No one wants to have to organize receipts, fill out forms by hand, submit paperwork into HR, and wait to get reimbursed, so why should the process be so time-consuming?

BASE® has an online portal, a Benefits Mobile App, and debit card option where employees can pay for and submit claims electronically, pay for their health care expenses in real time and get reimbursed faster and easier. 

Personalized Customer Service.

Every business has their own customized health benefits plan, so why should they receive the same, read from a script customer service rep?

BASE® has a benefits team comprised of support specialists, group account managers, and sales representatives that are experts in their field, providing the upmost professional customer service. 

With increasing interest in expanding employee benefits packages on the rise, so is the need for a TPA as a trusted advisor and to help administer a variety of plans, provide multi-account coordination, and keep them in compliance.  Contact BASE® at 888.386.9680 or visit to explore how employers across the country are expanding their benefit packages with the help of BASE®!

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