BASE® Helps With Physical and Financial Health Resolutions

Goals, it tends to be a keyword at this time of year, and someone who runs any type of farm or business has the weight of both personal and business goals.  A lot of times it is important to remember that leaning on others to help you in fulfilling your goals is half the battle. 

Personally, it is a great time to really look at your health and assess what you and your family spend on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.  By looking back, you can maybe find other means of being healthier and spending smarter.  Maybe it is as simple as focusing on a yearly check-up or how often you are buying out-of-pocket items like prescription medications, glasses, sunscreen and more.  Are you paying more than you need to for these types of items, and are you taking advantage of all the benefit programs out there? 

From a business standpoint, this is also a great time to assess the health and well-being of those around you.  Statistics show that having healthy employees is important to productivity and cost containment.  In fact, according to a February 2015 survey report from the nonprofit Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Exploring the value Proposition for Workforce Health, “leaders turn to workforce initiatives in an effort to control health care costs. While there is research evidence to support this positioning, there is also evidence supporting a broader value proposition such as increased productivity and performance, higher engagement and morale, and lower turnover rates.” Plus, being healthy is not only considered a state of well-being, but also financial well-being.  That makes a business owners job two-fold, to ensure those working for them are not only physically healthy to continue performing their job, but also financially healthy. 

Are your benefits eating up the dollars in your paychecks?  One way to attack this goal is to assess all the different types of benefits and perks you provide, or that are available to you as an employee.  There are so many new ways to trim health benefit costs these days to put more money back into your business and keep it in paychecks.  There are easy ways to pre-tax health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses to help you achieve financial goals, relieve stress and put you, your family and the people who work for you on the road to healthy living.  Educate yourself on simple pre-tax benefit plans that can help your financial health as well as enhance your physical health by calling BASE® at 1-888-386-9680.

Election Results & ACA: Amended or Repealed & Replaced?

With all the votes counted and the election finally over, it is time to see where America is headed when it comes to the cost of healthcare and employee benefits.  Like most Americans, you probably have many questions about what the future holds and how this election affects you.

So, how does a new President affect healthcare reform? Donald Trump has said many times how he plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  We also know he is in favor of Consumer Driven Health Plans, and willing to consider other reforms if they serve to lower costs.

Will President-Elect Donald Trump be able to make these changes?

“With Donald Trump in the White House, we can expect that every element of Obamacare will be challenged,” says Mike Thompson, president and CEO of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions. (Employee Benefit News)

While a complete toss of the Affordable Care Act is unlikely, Trump and his fellow Republican supporters will find ways to alter the law in many ways to suit the American people.

According to an International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan Survey, 41.2% support the repeal of the ACA, while 45.5% do not.  At the end of the day, Trump will have to determine what is best for the American public. “Without a filibuster-proof Republican majority in the Senate, Democrats are sure to make every effort to block any proposal to fully repeal the ACA,” said Chatrane Birbal, senior advisor, government relations at the Society for Human Resource Management.

These election results have left everyone wondering what is in store for healthcare and employee benefits and looks like only time will tell. Fortunately, business owners already have access to CDHPs that serve to lower costs, such as Integrated HRA and 125 Cafeteria Plan. The question is how will Trump further enhance these types of plans to continue to lower healthcare costs? Until then, employers should proceed as planned, considering nothing will be implemented overnight – Obamacare is a prime example of that.