Secure Documents Exchange

To submit your documents securely, you will need to obtain a secure One Healthcare ID and register an ECG QuickConnect account with a BASE® representative. Please call 1-800-309-8012 and they will establish your ECG QuickConnect account.

If you have already registered for a One Healthcare ID with BASE® and have established your account, please login to ECG QuickConnect with your One Healthcare ID using the link below.

ECG QuickConnect -

What is ECG QuickConnect?

ECG QuickConnect is a web-based file transfer application that uses an affiliated electronic communication gateway (ECG). ECG QuickConnect securely transfers files, large or small, using the gateway to safely and securely share information. Use of ECG QuickConnect requires a One Healthcare ID.

Using ECG QuickConnect for the first time

You will receive an invitation email the first time a file is transferred to you using ECG QuickConnect. The invitation email includes a link to create a One Healthcare ID. One Healthcare ID delivers a secure, centralized identity management solution that enables a single sign-on to all integrated applications, such as ECG QuickConnect. If you already have a One Healthcare ID associated with the email address the invitation was sent to, you can sign in with your existing One Healthcare ID.

Once you sign in to ECG QuickConnect with your One Healthcare ID, you can upload your file or download a shared file from BASE® securely.

How to access ECG QuickConnect

If you have received an invitation email, you can use One Healthcare ID to access ECG QuickConnect. One Healthcare ID provides secure identity management to integrated applications, including ECG QuickConnect. If you have a One Healthcare ID, click the link in the invitation email and sign in with your One Healthcare ID, or you can create a One Healthcare ID if you don't have one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each page in ECG QuickConnect has a help icon:
When you click the help icon, another tab opens in your browser with the online help content. Each help topic is specific to the page you are on when you click the icon, and lists one or more items. Click the arrow next to an item to expand the information. Once the online help is open, you can use the table of contents and search features to find information about every aspect of ECG QuickConnect.

One Healthcare ID is supported on the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge latest version
  • Firefox's latest version
  • Chrome's latest version
  • Safari's latest version for iPhone/iPad

You may need to have your IT department add the following Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to your firewall settings to permit ECG QuickConnect to connect and deliver files.