Keep Group Health Insurance Costs Down Post COVID-19

Health care costs are an ever-escalating expense and for the year 2020, it is no different, especially when looking towards post COVID-19.  The question of where health care is headed is as certain as to when the pandemic will end, however projections make it clear that the cost of health care and options need to help prepare individuals for more control over health care costs and provide savings.  Predictions point towards the increase in health care being passed on through insurance premiums, which makes now an important time for researching options to combat those increases.

The BASE® Integrated Health Reimbursement Arrangement is a great option to keep the cost of group health insurance coverage affordable for both the employer and their employees.  By coupling a group health plan with the BASE® Integrated HRA, employers are able to suppress the yearly increases most commonly associated with traditional forms of health care.  As things continue to evolve during this crazy time, many employers are reassessing their current benefits.  One thing for them to take into consideration is what an Integrated HRA can do for both the employer and employee – not just now, but into the future.

With this HRA, both the employer and employee will realize cost savings and a tax benefit. 


  • Plan Design. Employers can choose to raise the deductible on their current group health insurance plan, reducing the overall cost of the insured plan, self-insuring a portion of that deductible to keep the employees responsibility of the deductible maintainable.  All reimbursements are tax-free to the employee and tax deductible to the employer. 
  • Protection of Funds.  HRA funds are only paid to the employees once a qualifying expense has been adjudicated by BASE® with no prefunding necessary. 
  • Cost Containment. Employers have more control of the overall cost of their benefit plan by coupling a group health insurance plan with the BASE® Integrated HRA. 
  • The plan will work with any carrier, health insurance plan, or group benefit plan. 
  • Tax Benefit. All reimbursements are 100% deductible as a business expense.


  • No Contribution. No prefunding of an account is necessary. 
  • No Taxes. All reimbursements are non-reportable and non-taxable income.

The BASE® Integrated HRA has been proven to reduce an employers’ health insurance premium increases by 10-50%, which could be a crucial means of creating more control over health care costs and increased savings in a post COVID-19 era.  BASE® is here to answer your questions on the best approach for offering benefits while controlling premiums.  For more information, call BASE® at 888.386.9680 or visit