Purchase Eligible Health Care Expenses with Health Shopper

Giving employees the option to use pre-tax dollars through an employer’s custom benefits plan to purchase health care products is a tax savings benefit to all in the business.  Sometimes it can be unclear which health care products are eligible under Code 213(d) that allow employees to use their pre-tax Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars.  But that ends today.

BASE® is providing a new way to shop online for eligible medical expenses with the help of Health Shopper.  This website is curated with nothing but unique and eligible health care products, and will help consumers choose which products would fit them best.  Only eligible health care products are found on Health Shopper’s website, which makes it even easier for consumers to know the health care products they are purchasing are considered eligible expenses under the IRS Code.

Consumers can search for products online through the Health Shopper website, and when they have found what they need, will be guided to Amazon to purchase their products.  Health Shopper shows how simple it is to learn about, shop for, choose, and purchase eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses online.

Health Shopper is just another great example of how BASE® is striving to deliver a better consumer experience, and making it even easier to utilize HRAs, FSAs, and HSAs.  No more guessing, no more uncertainty.  Instead, Health Shopper allows consumers to learn about and choose the unique products they need.  Click here to start shopping!