Fall and ACA Changes

I had to do something the other night that I hate to do… turn on the furnace. Once the thermostat hit 50 degrees, I knew it was time. I always try for November 1st as my target date but the weather doesn't seem to follow my plan!

2013 started off ok, temperatures were pretty much average with the occasional warm day here and there. Then in August and September, whew, was it hot! So maybe that’s why now it seems so much colder. When you go from one week of 70’s and 80’s to the next week in the 50’s it tends to chill you a little.

Big weather changes tend to make you think about doing things you may have put off or even thought you had more time to do them in. It may be caulking the windows, raking the leaves, or getting that final last mow in before frost hits. No one likes the sudden changes when they happen. I think everyone would prefer to work into the winter slowly.

The weather is actually a good analogy of what is happening in health care right now. We were not eased into the changes happening with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but thrust into a position of this needs to be done now.

Recently, we sent notices to our clients concerning the PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute) fee and the Health Insurance Marketplace Notice. We have had tremendous response from our clients who want to know more about the changes and how it will affect their businesses in the future.

Here at BASE®, everyone is working relentlessly to make sure we are doing the right thing to keep our plans in compliance with the ACA changes. As more guidance is being released on exactly how parts of the ACA work, we are reviewing our processes and plans and will continue to let our clients know of any necessary changes.

Remember, no one likes change but when it does happen keep BASE® in your corner. We’ll be here for you through all the changes and keep you in the know! Give us a call today with any questions on the ACA or how to get enrolled in a BASE® product.

Have a good fall and turn on those furnaces!

Laura Radebaugh
BASE® - Administration/Adjudication Specialis

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