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BASE® now offers hr360 as an online source for easy-to-understand explanations and analysis of complicated laws and confusing acronyms!

BASE® hr360 is your HR solution. It provides helpful support to assist business owners facing HR difficulties and helps protect them with answers 24 hours a day. Hr360 provides forms and other compliance measures that are key to your growing business. Whether your business is large or small, hr360 is your gateway to human resource compliance.

Hr360 offers many benefits that help you navigate your way through HR compliance and laws. This easy access library gives you instructions to stay in compliance with Health Care reform, COBRA, and FMLA. It also gives you tips and ideas on how to successfully manage your HR department and needs.  No matter your business size, these resources will help your business adhere to HR rules and regulations.

Hr360 benefits companies nationwide. With a breakdown of the most up- to- date information by state, your company is sure to be covered.  The library contains data specific to each state on continuation of benefits, minimum wage and much more.

 hr360 Offers:

Federal HR and Benefits Compliance

State HR and Benefits Information

Fast Answers to HR and Benefits Questions

Downloadable Forms, Policies and Checklists

How to Hire and Terminate Employees to Prevent Costly Lawsuits

Online Human Resources Tools

Consider subscribing to hr360 for must-have HR tools, forms, guidance and training.  Call 1-888-386-9680 to subscribe to hr360 - your attorney reviewed source for HR intelligence at your fingertips. 

Emily Greiner

BASE®--Marketing & Communication Specialist 

Many Small Business Owners at Risk For This Penalty

The new ruling under Code 4980D that went into effect on July 1, 2015 could put many small business owners at risk for a huge IRS penalty.

Are you an employer or do you have a client who does not offer group insurance coverage, but instead pays their employees extra to help them pay for their individual insurance? If you do, it could mean risking a $100 per-day per-employee penalty. This affects many small business owners, including those with as few as two employees.

According to CPA Magazine, the National Federation of Independent Business has been watching this penalty closely since it will likely affect many small businesses across the country.

In a recent article in CPA Magazine written by Jerry Love, the NFIB warns small business owners.

“It’s the biggest penalty that no one is talking about,” said NFIB Policy Director Kevin Kuhlman. “The penalty for compensating employees for healthcare related expenses is enough to destroy most small businesses.” (CPA Magazine)

While this ruling went into effect over seven months ago, there are still small businesses not offering group insurance, but reimbursing their employees instead.  This is a slippery slope for employers who think they are doing something good for their employees since they are putting themselves at risk for a $100 per-day, per-employee penalty.

Make sure you know the best options to steer clear of this penalty while providing employee benefit options. BASE® offers a Section 105 HRA or an Integrated HRA to employers who want to reduce the overall cost of an insurance plan and decrease the impact of health care expenses. Most importantly, have peace of mind in knowing you have an administrator keeping you in compliance so that you don’t have to worry about any big penalties issued by the IRS. 

To see what businesses qualify for these products, call 1-888-386-9680 or contact BASE® today. 

Emily Greiner

BASE®--Marketing/Communications Specialist 

IRS Compliance Update – Notice 2015-87

On December 16th, the Treasury Department and IRS released Notice 2015-87 regarding the treatment of employer health care arrangements and the market reforms of the Affordable Care Act.  Below are a few highlights from the most recent Notice 2015-87: 

1) The notice reaffirms that an HRA or employer payment plan with one participant can still reimburse individual market premiums without violating the market reforms.

2) The notice solidifies that an HRA or employer payment plan with two or more participants cannot pay or reimburse individual market premiums.  These types of arrangements are subject to the $100 per-employee per-day penalty.

3) The notice amended previous guidance regarding Integrated HRAs.  Prior to this notice, the benefit amount of the Integrated HRA could be extended to a spouse and dependent who were not insured by the employer’s group insured plan, but insured by another employer’s group insurance plan.  From this point moving forward the Integrated HRA benefit amount can only be extended to individuals who are insured by the employer’s group insurance plan.  

4) The notice reiterates that an employer who utilizes an Excepted Benefits HRA or 125 Plan for two or more participants does not violate the market reforms.

5) The notice further confirms that an employer cannot utilize a Section 125 plan to pretax individual market premiums, even if it is funded solely by the employee.  These types of arrangements are subject to the $100 per-employee per-day penalty.

Many of the questions addressed elaborate on IRS Notice 2013-54, FAQs about the Affordable Care Act Implementation (Part XXII), Notice 2015-17, and final regulations implementing the market reform provisions of the ACA, which BASE® has already complied with, leaving our customers effectively untouched by this notice.  While BASE® plans have been operating under this interpretation already, you may have customers who are not utilizing BASE®, either self-administering or using another administrator, and will want to consider completing a compliance assessment.

Anne Case

BASE® - Director of Marketing & Communications