One Employee

Saving Small Business Owners Thousands in Taxes. BASE® HRA


The BASE® Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) was designed to assist with healthcare expenses, and provides our average client over $4,500 in tax savings. The BASE® HRA is an IRS-approved tax savings plan created through Section 105 of the Internal Revenue Code.
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A Simple & Affordable Payroll Solution. SamplePay®


Available exclusively for BASE® HRA clients, SamplePay® is available to help small business owners (sole proprietors and partnerships only) develop legitimate employee compensation procedures for their company.
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Multiple Employees

Expanding Healthcare Benefit Options For Small Employers BASE® QSE HRA


The BASE® Qualified Small Employer HRA helps employers offer their employees a more attractive benefits package. Thanks to new legislation, employers can help their employees pay for qualified medical coverage for themselves and their families, tax-free. The employees can use the money for insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles, eye care, dental care, or any other qualified healthcare expense.
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Savings For Employers
Options For Employees.
BASE® Integrated HRA

BASE® Integrated HRA

The BASE® Integrated HRA is available for employers with a group health insurance plan in place who are looking to reduce the overall cost of insurance coverage. The BASE® Integrated HRA, also known as a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP), is an employer-paid reimbursement program, designed to specifically assist employees with medical expenses. This means savings for employers and more options for employees.
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Creating Sizable Savings For Employer & Employee BASE® 125 Cafeteria Plan

BASE® 125 Cafeteria Plan

The BASE® 125 Cafeteria Plan allows employers to customize benefits and save money. Employers that sponsor a BASE® 125 Cafeteria Plan can allow employees who are paying medical expenses, insurance premiums or dependent care expenses to do so on a pre-tax basis. A cafeteria plan can create sizable savings for both the employer and employee.
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Closing Document Compliance Gap with Wrap Around Protection BASE® ERISA Wrap


The BASE® ERISA Wrap is designed to help employers fulfill the ERISA requirements for an SPD and Plan Document. Many employers mistakenly assume that insurance contracts, certificates of insurance and benefits summaries fulfill the ERISA requirements for an SPD and Plan Document – but they don't include the required or recommended provisions that protect the plan and the employer.
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Human Resources

HR Intelligence at your Fingertips. BASE® hr360

BASE® hr360

BASE® hr360 is your one-stop shop HR solution. BASE® provides our clients with an award-winning online library that delivers comprehensive, easy-to-navigate human resources and benefits news, content, tools and forms to companies nationwide.
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