Business Partner

BASE® Business Partners have a unique opportunity to utilize the expertise of the BASE® staff to help stay competitive in whatever marketplace you serve, not to mention the opportunities available to boost your business and increase your bottom line. Our unique operational capabilities enable us to serve your clients in providing comprehensive employee benefit plans.

Benefit to You:

Access to Secure BASEŽ Account.

Once you have decided to become a BASEŽ Business Partner you will be able to take advantage of the various online features that are available exclusively to Business Partners.

Marketing Opportunities.

BASEŽ is interested in helping you grow your business and wants to provide you with the tools to properly do so. As part of our commitment to you, BASEŽ offers a variety of different options to help inform your clients about the products and services we offer.

Training, Continuing Education & Resources.

BASEŽ provides various opportunities to learn more about our products and services, an outlet for continuing education courses, and the support and tools to make your partnership with BASEŽ worth your time.

Financial Benefits.

BASEŽ believes you should be compensated for your efforts, and has a very generous compensation package available.

Benefit to Clients:

Affordable Health Care.

Clients can learn about money saving benefit strategies BASEŽ has to offer that provide the options to keep paychecks intact while creating incentives for participants to hold down their medical expenses.


Rest assured that plan information is always up-to-date and in compliance with government regulations. BASEŽ has an important responsibility to be vigilant and committed to the compliance surrounding our products, especially when they involve the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, and Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Not to mention state insurance laws and regulations that can affect the way in which any of our clients do business.

Third-Party Adjudication and Substantiation.

The IRS requires reimbursements and claims of all medical expenses to be substantiated through an independent third party. As an administrator, BASEŽ adjudicates the medical expenses submitted by each participating employee. In addition, BASEŽ provides participants with the proper documentation to verify the adjudication of qualifying medical expenses.

Customer Service.

BASEŽ makes customer service a priority and is available to assist clients throughout the duration of their plan.

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